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Editor X

Wix recently introduced a new platform for creating websites – Editor X. Its stand-out feature is its ability to create fully responsive website design, which is what all Wix designers have been looking forward to for a long time

What is responsive web design?

Briefly, responsive web design (RWD) means that a website can adapt to any screen size and deliver the best experience to users, whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Responsive web design works through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using various settings to display different style properties depending on the screen size, orientation, resolution and other characteristics of the user’s device. Whether viewed on a 27-inch iMac or from the screen of a mobile phone, the website is configured for an optimal viewing experience.

With the responsive web design approach, all images, fonts, and other HTML elements are scaled appropriately, maximising whatever screen size the user has (while so-called “adaptive” design stays the same for every single device).

Wix vs. Editor X

With the standard Wix platform, we only have two breakpoint options: desktop and mobile. Only individual elements of the editor are responsive and their width is dynamically adjusted to the size of the device. With Editor X, the website grid and any site elements are proportionally increased or decreased depending on the height and width of the screen, according to predefined values.

Now, when you create a website with Wix, you need to choose which editor you want to use.

Though both regular Wix and Editor X are drag-and-drop platforms, Editor X is not as easy to use. A designer requires a lot of experience with the platform and a good knowledge of UX and mathematics (yes, a pixel-perfect site requires pixel-perfect calculations).

The cost of annual premium plans for Editor X is much higher, but the result is definitely worth it.

In addition to responsiveness, Editor X boasts other special effects and interactive features that cannot be implemented in the standard Wix. We’ve tried them all! 🏆👍

I was the lucky Wix designer who was able to receive personal training from the Editor X developers and designers. As an agency, we didn’t start creating sites using the new editor immediately, because the platform had some bugs (as in any new product) and also lacked some functionality. Now that I’m confident in the platform and myself, we are ready to create websites on a completely new level!

(If you want to learn how to build websites with Editor X yourself, you can do it at the Editor X Academy).

Despite the fact that both editors have completely different logic behind them, they also have a lot in common: applications, plugins, CRM and all the other products for online business management. The Editor X interface itself is also almost the same as regular Wix. The most important thing is that both editors are united by their continuous improvement: Editor X, like Wix, is updated daily and supplemented with new applications and features.

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